Winnovative HTML to PDF Converter 6.0.3

The Winnovative HTML to PDF Converter library for .NET can be linked into any .NET application, either ASP.NET web sites or Windows Forms and WPF applications, to convert URLs, HTML strings and streams to a PDF document or to an image.

You can use the HTML to PDF Converter for .NET as a general purpose tool for converting web pages and HTML code to PDF and images or you can use it as part of our .NET Reporting Toolkit to easily create PDF reports directly from ASP.NET pages and to benefit from the great power of ASP.NET controls. The converter offers full support for HTML tags and CSS, page breaks control with CSS styles, automatically repeating HTML table header on each PDF page, live URLs and internal links in PDF, automatically generated bookmarks, HTML in the headers and footers.

Features of Winnovative HTML to PDF Converter

* Easy integration, no installation or setup is necessary on the server
* Delivered as a single strong named .NET 2.0 assembly (can be installed in GAC)
* Compatible with .NET 2.0, .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0 frameworks
* Can be deployed on the server by simple copy (xcopy deployment support)
* Can be used from ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF, Web Service or Console applications
* The same assembly can be used both on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows servers
* Convert web pages, HTML strings and streams to PDF files or PDF streams in memory
* Convert a web pages, HTML strings and streams to various image formats
* Convert multiple web pages, HTML strings and streams into the same PDF document
* Place the HTML content anywhere in a PDF page as HtmlToPdfElement objects
* Designed and tested for multithreaded environments and high traffic websites
* Generate PDF documents compliant with PDF/A, PDF/X and PDF/SiqQ standards
* Full support for Unicode, complex script and right to left Asian languages (Arabic, Hebrew, CJK)
* Set PDF page size to a standard size (A4, A3, etc) or to a custom size


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