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AniReminder 2.2 AniReminder Pro 2.2

A funny and handy event-reminder. It has intuitive multilangual interface and gives You full control of the reminders time table and their display appearance. Widest range of reminders: display notifications, mp3, images, animated images …

AniReminder offers a widest choice of notifications in the WEB:

  • Reminders with onscreen messages, display notifications with images, desktop stickers,
  • Reminders as animated images (.gif)
  • Reminders as icons (.ico) or animated icons (.ani) in tray
  • Reminders as sound (.mp3 .avi .midi) with auto-repeat and full volume control
  • Reminders as e-mail messages with attached files and any defined "from" address
  • Reminders as launching others programs or files (.doc .txt …)

Key Features:

  • AniReminder gives You an ability to create as many reminders as you want with individual timetable and sticker appearance for each!
  • Has simple and clear multilangual interface. You can manage your reminders’ list in a few clicks.
  • Choose any from 10+ notification types. Fully control the appearance of each of your reminders!
  • You can save your reminders to .xml file.
  • Quickly add reminders from file on a new place! Reminders Archive.
  • Now you have an ability to send the reminder that You designed to a friend.
  • AniReminder can handle 2 active reminders at one time!
  • AniReminder is a lightweight tool that uses very little memory. It works friendly and stable with other applications!
  • Free technical support, and help, and FAQ.



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