Attendance Management System 4.2

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Attendance Management System 4.2

Attendance Management System is a handy application to keep track of attendance for school activities, church groups, etc. Members may sign in on the computer using a secure password, or you may print blank attendance forms in advance and enter the data later.

Set your own attendance policies and view a list of members who have not met those policies. Support for multiple event types and multiple organizations provides a level of granularity that other attendance systems don’t offer.Keep all of your membership information in one place, and print new membership rosters whenever you need them. Flag members inactive without deleting them, and export your membership data into spreadsheet or database software.

To speed up your setup process, you can import your members directly from Excel, Access, and other software. All features can be protected by passwords to keep sensitive information private. Password protection is optional and can be turned off at any time.

Feature List:

  • Attendance Reports:

    • Attendance reports for individuals or the entire organization
    • Create lists of members who do not meet your organization’s attendance requirements
    • Sort by name or number of events attended
    • Reports can cover any date range
    • Printer-friendly attendance report available
    • Filter reports by event types. For example, reports can show weekly meetings, staff meetings, or any combination of event types.
    • Detailed view or summary view available
  • Membership Database:
    • Store member’s name, address, phone number, and email address
    • Members may be marked active or inactive
    • Optional passwords for each member
    • Ability to store up to 1000 members
  • Real Time Attendance Information:
    • You may set up a computer at your meeting location and have members sign themselves in as they arrive
    • Or, print attendance forms in advance and enter the information later
    • Attendance data is recorded in real-time
    • Ability to mark a member excused so that the absence does not count against the member on attendance reports
    • Ability to mark members inactive for a leave of absence
  • Attendance Forms and Membership Rosters:
    • Print attendance forms with all members or only active members
    • Print membership rosters with names, addresses, phone numbers, and/or email addresses
  • Event Calendar:
    • On-screen calendar shows dates of all past events
    • Ability to add and edit events and meetings from the calendar
    • Past events can also be displayed in a list format
  • Support for Multiple Groups:
    • Keep track of as many groups as you’d like
    • For example, schools and churches may keep track of each grade level or class separately
  • Security Features:
    • All features can be protected by passwords to keep sensitive information private
    • Password protection is optional and can be disabled at any time
    • If security features are turned on, members will only see their own information
  • Import And Export Capabilities:
    • Import memership data from your existing database or spreadsheet in CSV format.
    • Ability to export all membership data to most spreadsheet and database applications
    • This allows you to sort, filter, group, and format the information any way you’d like
  • Share Information Between Computers:
    • All data can be transferred between computers with a single file
    • Data may be transferred by disk, network, email, or any storage device
  • Online Help and Technical Support:
    • Included Quick Start Guide lets you start using the program right away
    • Extensive online help is included
    • Free technical support is always available


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