CodeTwo NetCalendars 2.0

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CodeTwo NetCalendars 2.0

CodeTwo NetCalendars is a group calendar dedicated to those who would like to streamline the management of appointments in the company as well as improve the general workflow. The application enables multiple users to work jointly in shared calendars located on different computers in the local network or the Internet. The users can see and work on several calendars at one time displayed in one view. CodeTwo NetCalendars is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and will let share your personal Outlook calendar without Exchange Server.

CodeTwo NetCalendars will let you create a computer-based calendar that will show at a glance all appointments and meetings for selected employees in your company and they will all display in one view. By showing all appointments in one view the program will allow:

  • planning and assigning tasks for individual employees as well as groups;
  • booking shared resources such as a company car or equipment;
  • estimating workload for employees and resources;
  • calculating working time;
  • synchronizing work of remote offices via the Internet;
  • sharing and editing calendars created in Microsoft Outlook in one view.


  • creating and saving views consisting of calendars of different users located on several machines in the local network or the Internet;
  • creating new calendars and configuring access rights for other users;
  • working in calendars that are maintained in Microsoft Outlook by other users – this enables sharing calendars without splashing out on a pricy Exchange Server. The user who will access a remote Outlook calendar does not need to use Outlook on his/her own machine, which helps keep costs at bay;
  • working in calendars in offline mode i.e. when the machine where the edited calendar resides is powered off or unavailable. All changes will synchronize once the machine is reconnected to the network.
  • creating and editing appointments in calendars including advanced data such as title, start and end time, location, category, etc.;
  • adding reminders to appointments;
  • adding color categories to appointments;
  • creating private appointments that will be inaccessible by other users browsing the calendar;
  • printing views including entries from multiple calendars of several users.

Time management is integral to running a company and leading groups of employees but standard software does not stand up to this task. Outlook itself is no exception. It lets you create appointments only in the personal calendar, unless you equip your company with a costly Exchange Server to enable groupwork. However, none of Office applications allows viewing calendars of multiple users in one view or printing multiple calendars. CodeTwo NetCalendars fills this niche.




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