CyberMatrix Pro Schedule Standard 7.12

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CyberMatrix Pro Schedule Standard 7.12

Pro Schedule provides a convenient way for you to manage appointments with your customers, clients, patients and others. Companies who use Pro Schedule will reduce expenses and provide more time for employees to perform other duties. Receive immediate email notification of appointments that have been scheduled with your company.

Let your customers, clients, patients and others use Pro Schedule to schedule phone calls, chat sessions, and in person appointments with you. Appointments can be scheduled in whatever minute intervals you require. You can easily set up automatically recurring appointments.


  • Easy to use – Start scheduling appointments immediately using our attractive intuitive interface. You won’t get lost in too many screens or confused by a multitude of unnecessary options.
  • Powerful – Don’t let the simple interface fool you. Pro Schedule uses a powerful scheduling engine with sophisticated repeating events having daily, weekly and monthly options. There are also search functions to allow you to locate obscure appointments quickly.
  • Affordable – Inexpensive multi-user licensing.
  • Convenient – Drag and drop appointments between different people, dates and times. Adjust appointment times by dragging the edges of the appointment.
  • Shareable – Share appointment calendar data over your network (Standard version) or over your intranet or the Internet (C/S or Web version). Use the free Pro Schedule Palm conduit to synchronize your appointment calendar to your PalmOS based PDA. Use the free Pro Schedule PocketPC synchronization utility to synchronize your appointment calendar to your Windows CE based PDA. Exchange schedule data with other programs via the CSV import/export feature. Access data from other database applications using the ODBC driver.
  • Flexible – See the appointment calendar of a single person in daily, weekly or monthly views. You can also view the appointment calendar of all people in a single day.
  • Highly configurable – There are many useful configuration settings you can change to make Pro Schedule suit your needs. You can even edit the included reports or create new ones. If you are from a non-English speaking country, you can easily convert the software text into your own language equivalents.
  • Dependable – Uses solid record locking database engine.
  • Secure – By using the security features you can restrict who can edit appointments and who can access the configuration tools.
  • Internet ready – The software can automatically e-mail scheduled people or their clients when an appointment is modified. Reminders of upcoming appointments can also be sent. With the Client/Server, Enterprise or Web-based version your appointment data can be shared over an Internet connection.


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