Delphinus Notes

Filip Sala
1.1 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp
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Delphinus Notes

Delphinus Notes is a freeware program designed to make notes. As
notes are present at the upper-right corrner of your desktop you can
easily read them and manage. You can set priority, deadline, location,
progress etc. for each task. If you don’t want Delphinus Notes to be
visible all the time, then you can use Autohide function.

Main features:

  • Making notes, quick access (keyboard shortcut)

    • Priority (4 icons)
    • Calendar (days left)
    • Progress (% done)
    • Location
    • Private notes
    • Hyperlink auto detection
    • Sorting
  • Encryption
  • Password protection
  • Simple Notepad
  • Week schedule
  • Upcoming events list (can be shown directly on desktop wallpaper)
  • Reminder (alert, optional sound)
  • Expenditure management (simple predictions, histograms, history)
  • Running at startup
  • Autohide function
  • Autosave
  • Sunrise and sunset time indicator
  • Time indicators (3 time zones)

What’s new in version

  • wallpaper bug fixed
  • startup tab setting added
  • minor bugs fixed

What's New

  • periodic events added
  • export to CSV, XML added
  • copy and paste functions added to week schedule
  • a few minor options added



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