Extra-Organizer 2.15

2.9 MB
Operating System
Windows Server Windows Vista Windows Xp
Personal Info Managers

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Extra Organizer

Extra-Organizer is a complex application which contains: a scheduler, telephone book, calendar, alarm clock and the business manager. The first version of the program has been created in 2004 under name Message Service, then in 2007 algorithm, the interface and a principle of work of the program have been improved. So has appeared Extra-Organizer.

Features of Extra-Organizer

  • The automatic start, the convenient interface and absolute independence of additional actions of the user.
  • The small icon in the bottom right corner does not distract from work on computer, and in the fullness of time, having pressed it, you can open the program.
  • Convenient access to the list of the important dates and their classification by categories.
  • Reminders on the important events remain in memory of the computer and if you did not use the computer long time at program inclusion, Extra-Organizer will remind you of all last events and any of them does not remain not noticed.
  • The notification window blocks all other windows opened on your computer, and your message will not get lost under them.
  • The window of reminders can be adjusted in any colour scale convenient for you, to establish transparency level, to set for it music.



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