Freedom Notebook 6.1

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Freedom Notebook 6.1

Freedom Notebook is your complete personal information manager, rolodex, and cardfile.
Store addresses, phone numbers, letters, notes, memos, articles copied from the Internet, catalogs and collections. It is also the easiest and fastest way to manage your correspondence – letters, faxes, e-mails and notes of phone calls. Everything is instantly recorded and saved.

Notebook is an all-in-one Personal Information Manager (PIM), contact manager, Rolodex, cardfile and address/telephone book. Sophisicated but simple to use, it is packed with features to store names, addesses and notes, as well as manage your information and correspondence easily and quickly.


  • Manage all correspondence: personalized letters, group e-mails, faxes etc.
  • Instantly track any type of contact: every e-mail, phone call etc.
  • Group and filter Items by Type and Keyword
  • To Do tasks, Reminders, Alarms
  • Sort all items alphabetically, by e-mail address, Type of Item, and date
  • Make links between related items
  • Stop Watch: time projects, web downloads, phone calls, CD burns etc.
  • Password protect your database against unauthorized access
  • Customize Items using keyword prompts
  • Spell checking
  • Import Cardfiles and Contacts from another database 


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