HyperCalendar 3.22

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Hypercalendar is a powerful Personal Information Manager which combines
a transparent desktop calendar, multimedia reminder, analog clock,
encrypted multimedia rich text diary and voice diary.

Main feature

A transparent calendar, analog clock and
reminder. It can stay on your desktop or set to be topmost above all
windows. Its size, position, look and fell, also the transparency can be
adjusted easily.

Multimedia reminder
The reminder supports playing varies of media
files such as mp3, wmv, avi, asf, mpeg, flash and etc., when it pops
up, the selected media will be played automatically. It also supports
recurrence features, you can specify a reminder to recur everyday,
every weekday, every weekend day, to repeat every week, month, two
months, or every year. You can copy a reminder from one day to another
as well.

Multimedia diary
Write your diary in richtext, insert pictures
(jpg,gif,ico,bmp,wmf), attach any files, even record your voice* in
the diary. All the diaries are encrypted by IDEA arithmetic, and encoded
with your password, it’s to keep your personal information here.

Powerful search engine
HyperCalendar has an excellent search engine, you
can search a keyword in all your diaries and reminders. The result
will be shown in a list, you can browse the diaries or reminders which
include the keyword in the result list. It also has a search result
summary, which will gather all the diaries contains that keyword, and
show them in one place.

Import/export and print
You can easily select to export a diary to RTF
file or import a RTF to your diary. Also, you can pint out the content
of your reminders or diaries.

Personalized holidays
The holidays displayed on your calendar will be
displayed in bold font. You may download every year’s holidays from
foryoursoft.com (click the button "Synchronize holidays"), and even edit
the holidays by yourself freely (edit the holiday bin files use

Customizable date format
The display date can be set as
mm-dd-yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy, or yyyy-mm-dd. Also, the start day of week can
be set to be Sunday or Monday.

15 Color themes
HyperCalendar has a wonderful graphic user
interface, you may pick up one from up to 15 color themes.


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