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Insight Calendar 1.0 Beta 8

The FIRST astrology calendar of its kind that shows the BEST days for what YOU want to do!

The Insight Calendar is astrology software which tells you when it’s best for important meetings, dates, love, shopping, travel, fun and much more. With hundreds of items to choose from, simply click on one, and the best days are shown in green. It’s simple and easy to use.The insight calendar does not require much reading or knowledge of astrology, although astrological data, charts and wheels are available.

At the easiest level, all that is needed is an item and month, and a quick glance to see which days are green. If you act on a green day, you can be assured of greater ease and success in getting what you want! A green day means Go. A red day means Stop, and think about it. If you know how to use a traffic light, you know how to use this program!

By moving the mouse cursor over any day, a keyword interpretation is displayed at the bottom of the screen. The interpretation is based on the current astrological influences for that day in relation to the user-selected item, such as "Dating". On the screen, April 7, 2005 shows a strong green day and New Moon in the middle of a long green-day period, indicating an easy approach or laid-back attitude towards dating.Placing the cursor on April 7th displays the keyword interpretation below, "Easy-going, laid-back attitude…" and shows that the influence is Moderate.

This astrological insight suggests that J. Smith would find dating easier and more enjoyable at this time and potentially more successful, or less stressful if the date didn’t work out as expected.


  • Powerful astrological guidance that is easy to use without knowledge of astrology.
  • Simple mouse-over movement on days of the calendar shows instant interpretations for novice-to-advanced users
  • Flexible, compact calendar sizes that can be moved around the screen to accommodate other computer programs.
  • Pop-up tutor tips explain procedures and controls.
  • Easy birthdata entry with unique point-and-click selection.Two ways to enter birth data: with or without exact time.
  • Atlas feature that automatically fills in geographical data for exact birthtimes
  • Auto Daylight Savings Time fill-in. (only for Canada & USA in the current version).
  • A vertical scrolling headline calendar with alternative views and clickable days for detailed interpretations. 
  • An agenda notepad with horizontal calendar bar showing the same day colors as in all the calendar styles in the program. Each day in the bar is clickable for quick notes or deletions. Days with notes are bookmarked.
  • Quad and Year views show 4 or 10 months in horizontal calendar display.
  • Printing capabilities include many functions for different calendar styles and adjustments, including an optional background image.
  • The Compare function lets you compare the calendars of two persons.
  • Top celebrities with exact birthtimes included in the database for the current version.
  • Options for changing background textures.
  • Ephemeris range from 1900 – 2050 C.E. (only 3-month range available in the beta version) 


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