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A back-office system which never forgets

KALNOTE software issues automatic email reminders and alerts based on any data which includes due dates, target dates or anniversaries that require timely action to notify recipients about some matter related to that data.

At regular intervals, KALNOTE scans spreadsheets and/or databases looking for data which calls for an email reminder to be sent and on finding such data sends the relevant emails to the relevant recipients. The email content includes selected information from the database where appropriate. Copies of all these emails are also sent to specified supervisory addresses. All this is done silently and automatically but KALNOTE creates an audit trail logging every email sent.

At regular intervals, specified by the user, KALNOTE scans one or more databases containing records that include a critical date. This critical date may be an anniversary or some type of renewal or target date. The record may contain data relating to some object or person. Each record may also contain an email address of the person who needs to be contacted on or before that critical date. KALNOTE looks ahead through a specified period and extracts all the records where the critical date falls within that period. KALNOTE then groups all the records for each email address in the records and sends an email to each address accompanied by selected information from those records associated with that email address. A copy of each email is also sent to nominated recipients.

If your computer systems do not have an inbuilt automatic reminder facility then you are relying upon some form of memory jogger or schedule to prompt you to trawl through your data, work out who needs to be contacted and then compose and send emails. All this takes time and effort. If you are too busy or forget then the reminders are late or are never sent. This in turn leads to non-compliance, lower customer service levels, missed deadlines and so on. KALNOTE automates this activity.


  • Completely automatic background operation with no user interaction
  • Uses your data and criteria to generate emails at regular intervals
  • Recipient addresses can be included in your data records
  • Emails generated can include selected information from your records
  • Memory joggers and Post-It® notes are eliminated
  • Runs on servers and standalone computers.
  • No limits on number of records scanned
  • Can filter recipients using due dates anniversaries and moving target dates
  • No installed email application needed
  • Works with multiple data sources simultaneously and independently



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