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MemberTies membership software is a complete membership database that combines power, flexibility, and affordability to save you time and organize your membership data. Whether you’re a single user handling membership on a home computer, or an administrator in a large, multi-user organization, MemberTies will streamline your membership data and make it work for you.

With thousands of registered users in 21 countries, our membership software has proven its value and capability to a wide variety of organizations. Some typical organizations successfully managing their data with MemberTies include: fitness clubs, churches, universities, hospitals, Masonic lodges, chambers of commerce, homeowner associations, golf courses, political parties, historical societies, sporting clubs, swimming pools, and social clubs of every kind. These organizations range in size from a few hundred to over 150,000 members!

The membership database used by MemberTies is normally installed on your computer; but if you prefer, we can "host" your database on special dedicated servers here at Myrro International. Database Hosting enables you to connect to your database via the Internet from any installation of MemberTies. This works really well when the people who need to access your membership data are in multiple locations, or work from home or on the road. With a laptop and an Internet connection, your data is always available and other users will see your changes immediately.

MemberTies is available in both a standard and a professional version. The standard version contains a large number of powerful features designed to meet the needs of almost any organization. The professional version builds upon the strengths of the standard version to give you even more control of how the software works. For example, the professional version lets you use any of the reports available in the standard version, and lets you create your own as well.

This software runs on Windows 2000 (SP4), XP, Vista, and Windows 7. There are no special hardware requirements and you do not need to know anything about databases to be successful.



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