Personal Daily Journal 1.4

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Personal Daily Journal 1.4

Personal Daily Journal makes it easy to keep a diary or manage notes. If you need to keep and organize notes for any reason. Personal Daily Journal will help you do it. Use it as a Project logbook, idea notebook, school note keeper or daily diary.


  • Folders – Folders like those in Windows allow you to organize your journal entries in meaningful ways. You can create as many folders and folders within folders as you need so your notes are organized and easy to find.
  • Topics – If folders are not quite enough to help you organize your journal the way you want to you can create and assign any number of  custom topic labels to each entry.
  • Comments – Optional comments for each entry are displayed in the journal entry list. Comments help to make sense of the entry list and serve as a quick reminder of what’s in each entry.
  • Searching – A powerful search dialog allows you to find entries in your journal based on specific text within a date range and assigned certain topics.
  • No Limit – Journal entries can be made as often and as large as you want. You are not limited to a single entry per day. Also you can create as many journals as you need. One for each family member or team member.
  • Password Protection – Optional password protection keeps unauthorized people from opening a journal.
  • Encryption – Entries are encrypted to prevent curious people from reading entries directly from the file.
  • Single File Storage – Journals are stored in a single file making it easy to move and/or copy a journal without having to keep track of multiple files.


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