Rylstim Budget

Rylstim Budget
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Rylstim Budget

This software includes all necessary money management functions. You can maintain multiple accounts simultaneously, manage different income and expense categories. You can even set limits for expense categories and be notified when these limits are exceeded. The program offers 6 different types of reports and allows using those for generating custom reports. The multi-currency support is designed to let you completely forget about any problems with transferring money between accounts in different currencies.

Features of Rylstim Budget

· Save Time on Calculations and Estimations
· Save your time by keeping records with the calendar. Whatever could be – has bee simplified and automated.

· Accounts
· Create as many accounts as you need, of different types and with different currencies.

· Create Recurring Transactions
· Create recurring transactions, such as wages, rent payments, etc.

· Reports
· 6 types of reports, upon which you can create your own ones. The reports can be printed or saved to a format compatible with MS Office, OpenOffice, and even WordPad.

· Mark Transactions
· Tick off completed transactions; this way you won’t forget anything important.

· Go Easy with Different Currency Exchange Rates
· You will forget that troubles with keeping records in different currencies even exist.

· Password-Protect Your Data
· Protect your data with a password.

· Backup and Restore
· At some point, the automatic backup can be found very handy.


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