taskTome 1.52

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taskTome 1.52

taskTome is a personal information manager which allows you to maintain a list of events, diary entries, tasks, notes and financial information. It is light-weight program that displays the information that you need to keep track of without cluttering it up with un-needed features and controls, while still allowing you complete control over the information – including the ability to search, format, print, export and customize data.

The Planner module allows you to view all of your events by month, allowing you to view everything at a glance and access comments and other advanced information regarding them. Events also support adding a variety of recurrence options, and you can add Public Holidays to the planner automatically. Each month can be printed or exported to a PDF file. You can also view the status of diary entries for a particular day.

The Tasks module allows you to maintain a task list. This includes setting categories, dates and priorities. You can hide tasks that have been completed and access rich-text comments for each task. Full spell checking, printing and exporting is supported. In addition to comments, each task can have a number of subtasks defined.

The Diary module allows you to maintain a daily diary or journal. Each entry can be written in rich-text format with similar functionality to the Notes module.

The Finance module allows you to maintain a record of your bank account and cash balances. It supports an unlimited number of separate accounts and can display changes in chart format. Full exporting and printing is supported.

The main features of taskTome are:

  • View appointments and events in a monthly calendar,
  • Maintain a task list with comments and subtasks,
  • Maintain a journal or diary with rich-text formatting,
  • View and edit rich-text notes and documents,
  • Manage finances with bank/cash balances.


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