Teamwork Planner 1.0

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Teamwork Planner 1.0

Ever tried using a spreadsheet for the same purpose? We have seen many people doing this because they got lost in the complexity of general purpose planning tools. Teamwork Planner does the job better.

Given the intuitive interface of Teamwork Planner you will create a Gantt chart that really makes sense, print it out easily, and share it with your people. It just immediately does what you want it to do. Think about the time you will save when you have to update it for your next progress meeting.

Teamwork Planner is designed to help you plan people’s work based on time estimates. Better than most complex planning tools, it focuses on the easy creation of a very visual chart that can be quickly adapted when the plan changes. Remember that time dependency in such situations will be mostly based on the priorities you set and the availability of team members (e.g. best effort).

Teamwork Planner will visualize that for you and derive the expected start and end milestones. Dependencies on external factors (outside your project) should be reflected by either trying to fit your planning towards a requested deadline or by you promising a deadline. Whether you need a tool to visualize such dependencies or not, depends on your type of project.



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