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Veedid Desktop To-do List

Veedid Desktop To-Do List is a handy todo lists management tool for Windows XP/Vista desktop. With it, you can organize your personal to-do list easily, share business to-do list in workgroup.

The intuitive interface makes adding, deleting and editing tasks comfortable, a novice can master it immediately.

With Veedid Desktop To-Do List , you won’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of work. You won’t face a constant barrage of looming deadlines. And you won’t forget to do something important!

Key Features

  • Based on tasks and sub-tasks: Desktop To-Do List bases on tasks and subtasks to organize to-do lists, layered, orderly. Great drag & drop support allows you to drag sub-tasks from one task to another.
  • Share to-do list by Email: Just click mouse, selected task will be sent to your colleague by Email as a pretty form format. The Email is attached the data file of task as well, the receiver can import it into his to-do list to use directly.
  • Task reminder, snooze: Can set up task due date, and remind you, mark the over due task automatically. In order to not miss important meeting or appointment, you can set up remind time. Snooze function enable you reset remind quickly when you are busy.
  • Can save as HTML, TXT… format files: Selected to-do lists can save as HTML file as a pretty form format. Can simply save as a TXT file also.
  • Instant search: Experience instant search, present the contents you are looking for immediately. From affairs accumulated over time, you could quickly find out the work records a few years ago.
  • Printable: Print to-do list to paper, for reporting discussing or taking with it.
  • Unique list view: Unique list view function, all tasks shrink as one row displaying, displayed as entry number. All tasks are clear at a glance. When mouse hovers on the task, detailed contents expand automatically.
  • Copy & Paste: Copy function allow you copy task contents to system clipboard, then paste to other programs of windows, such as Office Word, Notebook. Paste function allow you copy other application’s content to task. Paste to task function allow you to create a new task by the content in clipboard.
  • Import & Export: Import & Export can share to-do list information with workgroup member.
  • Stay on system tray, activate at any time: Hide in your system desktop tray, do not need server, do not need access Internet, can help you anytime.
  • Simple, easy to use intuitional operation interface: Just click mouse, you are free to edit any tasks contents directly, no complex operation and configuration, you can start immediately.
  • Small, Speed, Less Resource, Simple Installation: Deskop To-Do List does not bring you extra learning task, does not bring your computer extra burden.


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