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Veedid Memo Pad

Veedid Memo Pad is a desktop memo pad software for Windows XP/Vista,
help you to write personal memo by electronic way, share business memo
by Email in workgroup.

With this free writing tool, you will clean all your paper sticky
notes. You won’t spend too much time to seek a memo within bunch of
notes. And you won’t forget something important!

If you would like to electrical manage memo pads, while keeping the
benefit of paper; if you want to post memos to all desktop of workgroup
, Veedid Memo Pad is definitely the best choice.

Key Features

  • Based on memos and sub-memos: Based on memos sub-memos layered organize contents entry. Great drag & drop support allows you to drag sub-memos from one memo to another.
  • Share Memo by Email in workgroup: Just simply click mouse, selected memos form could send to your colleague by Email at once. Email attaches Memo’s data file, receiver could import it into his own desktop Memo Pad program to use.
  • Free to edit, like a paper: Just click mouse, you are free to edit multiple-line memo entry by a intuitionistic interface. Don’t need more operation, as convenient as paper.
  • Can save as HTML, TXT… format files: Could save multiple Memos as HTML file by a pretty form format. Can simply save as a TXT file as well.
  • Instant search: Simply knock on the keyboard, the memos you are looking for present immediately. You don’t have to seek on the desktop or in the drawer, electronic mode Memo Pad help you hold gigantic memory.
  • Printable: Print Memo List to paper, for reporting discussing or taking with it.
  • Unique list view support: Unique list view display support, all memos shrink as one row displaying, displayed as entry number. When mouse hovers on the Memo, detailed contents expand automatically.
  • Copy & paste: Copy function allows you copy Memo contents to system clipboard, then paste to other programs of windows, such as Office Word, Notebook. Paste function allows copy desktop other applications contents to Memo Pad. Paste to memo function allows you create a new Memo entry by clipboard contents.
  • Import & Export: Import & Export help you to collect and tidy up Memos, could be used to analyse and apply by every member in workgroup.
  • Stay on desktop, write a memo anytime: Hide in your system desktop tray, do not need server, do not need access Internet, can help you anytime. At any time, click mouse once, you could activate Memo Pad to memorize afflatus and inspiration.
  • Small, Speed, Less Resource, Simple Installation: Anybody can easy master Memo Pad, any computer can run Memo Pad fast. You can throw away paper, use electronic mode to organize Memo at once.


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