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Work Time Studio 1.4.0

Work Time Studio is a windows based desktop application which allows you to organize, manage, and track and prioritize your time, projects, tasks, notes and ideas. The flexibility in Work Time Studio allows you to customize the application to your specific needs. Many types of reports are provided to give you insight on exactly where and how your time is being spent. The main goal of Work Time Studio is to increase your productivity. The software’s unique and flexible interface allows you to concentrate on your work, and less time managing and tracking your projects, tasks, and workload.

Work Time Studio’s prioritizer allows you to determine quickly which of your activities to tackle next. The prioritizer is not your typical task list. The prioritized list can order your WorkItems by multiple criteria, including due date, priority, difficulty, and estimated time, allowing you to find the best WorkItem to tackle at any given time. What’s more, you can apply many filters to the list to narrow down the selection of WorkItems which you’re interested in. Allowing you to systematically and quickly prioritize your workload is just one of the ways in which Work Time Studio helps you to be more productive.

Work Time Studio works on the principal of Divide & Conquer, and allows you to easily break your projects into smaller pieces that we call WorkItems, and organize them in a way in which they are easy to manage. Most likely you have dozens if not hundreds of WorkItems you need to do in a typical work week, with new tasks coming in every day. Work Time Studio allows you to organize and manage these tasks on a continuous basis, increasing your productivity.

Work Time studio will allow you to perform your normal computer work without worrying about distractions, keeping track of breaks, or keeping count of non-work related activities. Work Time Studio does this while using little system resources and using little or no valuable desktop space, allowing you to be more productive.

The Studio Bar is Work Time Studio’s unique solution to the limitation of valuable desktop space in today’s Windows environment. The Studio Bar is a compact, dockable window interface to Work Time Studio, which is docked to the top or bottom of your monitor. The Studio Bar takes up little desktop space while displaying all the time related information of your current WorkItem, and giving you quick access to almost all Work Time Studio’s features. You can perform practically all operation in Work Time Studio while in Studio Bar mode, allowing you to keep it in this mode while you perform your normal computer work. The Studio Bar, supports multiple monitor systems, allowing you to dock the window to any monitor.

The studio bar also provides a progress bar, showing you your progress on your current activity, so you can keep an close eye on your increased productivity, and watch your deadlines. You can even place the Studio Bar in Auto Hide mode so it doesn’t use any of your desktop space at all.

Work Time Studio helps you to manage your activities by using the principal of Divide and Conquer. The philosophy of this principal states that work should be broken down into smaller and smaller manageable ‘chunks’, which can then be tackled individually. In Work Time Studio, we call these chunks WorkItems. The principal of Divide and Conquer is used to enter and organize WorkItems into a hierarchical structure which we call your WorkItem hierarchy. Your WorkItem hierarchy begins with very general WorkItems, and breaks the general WorkItems down by adding smaller child and descendant WorkItems.



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