Jaangle 0.98b

Alex Economou
2.22 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp

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Jaangle (formerly Teen Spirit) is a music player (audio and video) and organizer with a very user friendly interface. It can retrieve info from internet such as lyrics, album reviews, album covers, artist biographies, artist pictures (more to come). Teen Spirit keeps history of the files you play, lets you review statistics and generates a personal hitlist based on which songs you listen to most. It features an ID3v2 tagger (and mass tagger) and an easy to use renamer (and mass renamer) with preview.

It helps you discover tracks in your vast music collection with features like auto-continue or by playing the music quiz. As a music organizer it lets you catalog Hard Disks, Network drives, Data CDs/DVDs, AudioCD (with auto CDDB – FreeDB support), USB memory sticks, mp3 players in a friendly way. Teen Spirit has been developed in C++ for speed and efficiency.

Some of its features include:

  • Audio/Video Collection Organizer
  • Support for Local/Net Folders, CDs, DVDs
  • Integrated Audio/Video Media Player
  • Automated Lyrics Downloader featuring more than 95% success in common tracks.(You can also set/edit the lyrics manually – Optionally written in file)
  • Artist/Album info/picture completely automated downloader (www.allmusic.com). (Info are stored locally for offline use)
  • Album HiRes Album Cover downloader (from www.freecovers.org)
  • Quick and Advanced search options on its internal database (jet engine)
  • Full Text Search for words in Lyrics – Comments etc
  • Convenient Rating System (optionally written in file)
  • History Logger (Logs anything you actually listen and keeps statistics)
  • See your Top 10 (or Top 2000) of most listening tracks (filters include per month/year …)
  • See the popular Artists based on your history
  • Mini Player mode in case you liked Winamp..
  • Re-discover your music with features like ´Auto-Continue´.
  • Many different categorization options
  • Renamer Engine
  • *NEW* Music Quiz Game
  • *NEW* Multilanguage support
  • Supported Read Formats (read Tags – Info)(mp3, mp2, wma, avi, mpg, mpeg, asf)
  • Supported Write Formats (write Tags)(mp3, mp2 – id3v2.3)
  • Supported Media Player Formats Formats (mp3, mp2, wma, avi, mpg, mpeg, asf)

What’s New in version 0.98b:

  • Player: Bugfix on Mute for video files
  • TrayToolTip: Remove the ontop property
  • TrayToolTip: Removed "Jaangle" Tooltip
  • TrayToolTip: Close button removed
  • TrayToolTip: Play/Pause/Stop/Next/Prev buttons added
  • TrayToolTip: GUI changes
  • MiniPlayer: Non printable characters sould not show QuickSearch
  • Amazon Plugin: Review – TrackList retrieval fixed
  • TrackListPane: Quick search resets when there are less than 3 letters in search box
  • Bass Media Engine: Fixed a crash bug on certain mp3s
  • Syatem: ShowMiniPlayer function re-added in the system menu
  • Hotkeys: Show Quick Search / Show Tray Tooltip added
  • MiniPlayer: ESC on MiniPlayer shows an artifact on QuickSearch


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