Lean CD Player 2.6

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Lean CD Player 2.6

Lean CD is a full featured CD player that uses minimal screen space.  Stick it in the title bar of your favorite app and have instant access to your CDs.  LeanCD supports all the standard CD playing controls, and more, all accessible with just one click of a mouse button:

  • pause
  • resume
  • eject
  • seek to the previous/next track
  • jump instantly to any track on a CD
  • two different seek speeds for movement with a track (with audible feedback so you know where you are)
  • jumping instantly to any location within a track (great for those 20 minute songs)
  • restart the current song from beginning

And if mousing around is not your style, you can enable hotkey support, and control CD playback from your keyboard from within any application.  Plus, if you reboot while playing a CD, LeanCD will remember what track you were on and start playing from there rather than start over from the beginning. All of this (and more) fits into a compact 138X16 pixel window.



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