QuuxPlayer Standard Edition

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QuuxPlayer Standard Edition

Ever wonder why Windows music players seem to be designed for everything except actually listening to music?

There are a ton of windows music utilities out there. You can download. You can rip. You can rip, mix, and burn. You can stream. You can convert. You can add visualization. You can get on line and share your opinions about music. You can buy music. And on and on.  Now there´s a Windows audio player that is designed to make the important part of all of this the listening experience a pleasure instead of an afterthought. You can get to the music you want to hear quickly and easily, even with huge libraries music. All with outstanding sound quality. And without unnecessary stuff like on-line stores, limited formats, and marketing gimmicks that compromise the listening experience.

Features of QuuxPlayer Standard Edition

* The only Windows audio player optimized for home stereo / home theater enjoyment.
* "HTPC Mode" makes it easy to see all important controls from across the room.
* Plays all major file formats, including MP-3, iTunes (including AAC and Apple Lossless), OGG/Vorbis, Windows Media, FLAC, and more.
* High precision decoding, rendering, and equalization deliver uncompromising sound quality.
* Outstanding performance with libraries of 100,000 tracks or more.§
* Unmatched ease and minimal distraction in finding and playing the music you want to hear.
* Unlimited playlists, both standard and automatic (including plain-english rules).
* Never changes your music files: you worked too hard to get them the way you wanted to have your music player alter them.
* SmartFilters take you directly to what you want to hear.
* Text filtering updates results as you type.
* Works with gamepads (wired or wireless) to control your music without your mouse or keyboard.
* Play an entire album (and nothing else) with a single key or gamepad button.
* A chromatic spectrum analyzer.
* "Next Up" indicator tells you what will play next (unless you intervene).
* Shuffle play.
Automatically downloads album art.


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