UltraMixer 2.4.0

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UltraMixer 2.3.8 is ready for Download. We have optimized the database to increase the startup time and the response time of UltraMixer even when using big music archives. To easily synchronize the speed of two music tracks we introduced the new sync button. UltraMixer is a DJ mixing software which enables you to mix digital music in various formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV or CDs in real time. All you need is a sound card. The DJ’s turntables are replaced by two digital SoundPlayers, the "vinyls" are available within seconds through the integrated FileArchive.

Features of UltraMixer

* Online CD-title query (CDDB)
* Monitoring over headhones
* Multi-soundcard support
* Automatic mixingEmphasize element in the screenshot
* BPM Counter
* Reverse Play
* Pitch (-/+ 50%)Emphasize element in the screenshot
* TalkoverEmphasize element in the screenshot


* Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment

Change Log:
+ new: [FileArchive] adjustable display of the ID3-Tags "Track"
+ new: [FileArchive] Storage of the BPM-Data in the ID3-Tags of WMA-Files
+ new: [FileArchive] Cover-Support for WMA-Files
+ new: [GUI] Display of an music-importdialogue when starting with an empty FileArchiv
+ new: [Settings] Possibility sending logfiles to the UltraMixer-Support
+ new: [Settings] Enable or disable Ticker in displays
+ new: [MIDI]: Numark TotalControl sync function to equalize the speed (bpm)
+ new: [MIDI] Hercules DJ Control Steel support with customization options
# changed: [MIDI] Denon HC4500: archive tree is too far intendet when choosing a group
# changed: [GUI] non-blocking update-check
# changed: [GUI] Linux: ALSA not possible in UlltraMixer Free/Home/Basic
# changed: [GUI] Display of the false shortcut at "Delete all Tracks"(ALT+A)
# changed: [MIDI] Denon HC4500: suport of a non-linear pitching
– fixed: [Settings] when using chinese language UltraMixer doesn’t start
– fixed: [FileArchive] removing files from hard disc does not work on Mac OS X
– fixed: [FileArchive] after removing a track from filearchive and hard disc the focus is lost in the table
– fixed: [FileArchive] ID3-Tags of WMA-Data are not recognized sometimes
– fixed: [MIDI] Denon HC4500 does’t shows special characters in the display
– fixed: [MIDI] (Denon HC4500): time mode LED is always off after startup
– fixed: [MIDI] Sync-Button of Numark Total doesn`t work
– fixed: [MIDI] no ‘Umlaute’ (special german characters) in display of Denon HC4500
– fixed: [FileArchive] it’s not possible to load tracks which are located in directories containing "file" in their name
– fixed: [AutoDJ] AutoDJ and next button are disabled when loading a new track in a playing player and canceling the confirmation



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