Winamp Playlist Creator 3.6.2 Rev 497

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Winamp Playlist Creator is a software that allows you create playlists. The composition and creation of a playlist is done within seconds: Just select the folder where the playlist will be created, add all of your desired MP3-files, enter a name for the playlist and you’re ready to go!

Winamp Playlist Creator can create playlists in both PLS- and M3U-format. Furthermore, Winamp Playlist Creator can read the ID3Tags of the MP3-files in order to create a more detailed playlist.

Features of Winamp Playlist Creator

· amp;#183; ID3Tag support – Playlist Creator can read ID3Tags of your mp3-files and use the data for customizing the playlist.
· amp;#183; High processing speed – Very high processing speed even with activated readout of ID3Tags because the tool supports the powerful open source library id3lib.
· amp;#183; Drag and Drop – Add your music files with style by using drag and drop from Windows Explorer.
· amp;#183; Recursive folder adding – Folders can be added recursively, i.e. the folder and all its subfolders. Enables you to add your entire music collection via a single drag and drop action.
· amp;#183; Dynamic Titles – Define dynamic title variables to convert ID3Tag data to custom playlist titles.
· amp;#183; Absolute / Relative – The playlist items can be saved absolute or relative to the save location of the playlist.
· amp;#183; Many predefined file types – There are a lot of predefined file types which can instantly be added to the playlist.
· amp;#183; Custom file types – If you think there is an important file type missing you can easily add it to the list of accepted file types.
· amp;#183; PLS and M3U playlists – For compatibility with a wide variety of hardware and software Playlist Creator can create playlists both in PLS- and M3U-format.
· amp;#183; Open or insert playlists – Open existing playlist files to modify them or insert playlist files into your current playlist.


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