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Anti Tracks

Anytime you’re on your computer, you leave tracks behind you. Working with documents, spreadsheets or other applications, or of course surfing on the Internet leaves a trail. Even after you leave a site, manually clear your browser history, finish working on your document or spreedsheet, or delete sensitive files from your hard drive by sending them to the recycle bin and emptying it…traces of what you’ve done are stored in hidden files on your computer. And guess what? That means they can easily be brought back by anyone in possession of basic file recovery tools!

Anti Tracks provides you with a set of tools that will not only securely erase your tracks and unwanted files so that they are gone forever, without any chance of getting them back but will also protect your identity and important files by hiding your machine IP and securely locking your important files and folders. Moreover, Anti Tracks provides you with a set of tools that will help you maintain healthy PC performance and keep your PC in top-notch condition

That’s where Anti Tracks can help. With few simple clicks, Anti Tracks will securely erase your browsers, Windows, and third-party applications tracks, removing the hidden files on your computer that reveal your browsing habits, Windows usage, and third-party applications usage history

Not only does Anti Tracks do all this; it also helps protect your online identity, important files, and folders by hiding your real IP address, securely locking your files and folders, and offering you a secure files and folders shredder to safely delete those files that you don’t want anymore. It’s no one’s business but yours where you go and what you do on your computer. Anti Tracks keeps it that way.

You can manually delete files and folders by sending them to the recycling bin, then emptying the bin…but that doesn’t mean they’re gone! They’re still on your hard disk, just waiting to be recovered by file recovery tools. Anti Tracks’ Disk Wiper scans your hard drive(s) for previously deleted files and folders, then securely erases them. With Anti Tracks’ Disk Wiping, your deleted files and folders are unrecoverable, with no chance of restoration even by users with the most sophisticated file recovery tools!


  • Eliminate all your browser’s history securely and quickly and prevent prying eyes from tracking your surfing habits!
  • Erase your Windows usage history and tracks…and keep your Windows usage history away from prying eyes
  • Give your system an energy boost and enjoy your computer’s performing like new just like the day you bought it with just a few simple mouse clicks!
  • Lock your important files, photos, videos, financial information, passwords, personal files and folders using the world’s most sophisticated encryption algorithms!
  • Lock important files, financial information, passwords, personal files and folders inside photos and audio files. Photos and audio files used to hide your important data will appear as regular photos and audio files to any user
  • Schedule erasing your tracks when your browser shuts down, on Windows startup or shutdown, and/or at specific time intervals!
  • Eliminate all previously erased data from your hard drive easily and securely, so it can’t be recovered even with the best present-day technology on the market!
  • Clean your email app of junk, spam and obsolete emails!
  • Safeguard your computer IP address and surf the web in total stealth mode!
  • Decide what applications to run each time your Windows starts and stop unwanted applications from running at startup, slowing down your computer startup, and impairing overall system performance!
  • Securely erase sensitive files, using the world’s most advanced file shredding algorithms that meet and exceed government file shredding standards!
  • Adobe Photoshop, Windows media player, WinZip…you name it and Anti Tracks will erase your usage history and keep it private!
  • Protect your browser’s home page from being tampered with by malicious websites!
  • Scan and clean your computer from junk and obsolete files that hinder system performance and waste valuable hard disk space!
  • Scan and clean your computer from "dead end" and broken shortcuts with Shortcut Repair!
  • Scan your computer for unwanted duplicate files, photos, music, and videos and instantly free up that wasted disk space!
  • Password Protection keeps your settings from being viewed or tampered with by anyone…anytime!

What's New

  • Minor enhancements for IP Concealer


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