Personal Data Security 0.02

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Personal Data Security 0.02

Many of us need anywhere/anytime access to our "private" data. More importantly we need to ensure that the access and our data are secure. The goal of this application is to deliver an easy and intuitive tool to provide secure anywhere/anytime access to your data, allowing you to carry sensitive information (account numbers, login credentials, etc.) on your thumbdrive without worrying that your data will be compromised should the thumbdrive be lost. In addition, this application can also encrypt any existing files you may have, keeping them protected as well.

This application was designed to be installed to and executed from a thumbdrive; a thumbdrive that can be plugged in to any Java enabled computer. As an enhancement, the application was then delivered via JNLP (Java Web Start) to add a few additional features (desktop icon, control via the control panel, etc.) that we have come to expect. Either way, this application will encrypt your data, rendering it useless to anyone without the encryption key. The encryption key protecting your data is kept a keystore, with both the key and keystore being protected by a passphrase. Without that passphrase, the key remains secured and your data cannot be decrypted. If you use this application, a single passphrase can protect all your authentication credentials and any other sensitive digital information you may have.

With this application there is no need to install software on every computer you want to use; all the software is contained in a single JAR file. A JAR file implies Java, which means that this application should run on any machine with Java installed (Java 6+ is required).

This application provides a text editor that allows you to enter the data (login information such as usernames or passphrases, account information, etc.) and save it securely to your thumbdrive. The data can then be retrieved, but only by using the passphrase (or passphrases, if you desire).

In addition to the text editor, this application also provides a fast encryption engine. This engine can be used to encrypt your existing files, whether they are in Word, Excel, PDF or any other format you have. They can be encrypted using the same key (and passphrase) or a different key. You designate the key you wish to use.

As a part of the design, you can make your data protection as simple (one passphrase for everything) or as complex (multiple keystore, multiple keys, different passphrases for keystore and keys, etc.) as you like.


  • Provide secure access to confidential data from any Java enabled device.
  • Support the creation of encrypted text files.
  • Ensure that the data in the files cannot be easily compromised.
  • Provide a multi-window editor for encrypted text files.
  • Have the application, a single JAR file, reside on a thumbdrive.
  • Ability to plug your thumbdrive into *ANY* modern computer (especially a public computer) and use the application.
  • Provide a fast, platform-independent encryption engine for all file formats.


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