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Adun 0.81

Adun 0.81 details

A new extendible molecular simulation program that also includes data
management and analysis capabilities. What follows is an overview of
our main aims for the 1.0 version of our software. The current stable
version is 0.81. For information on the specific features of each
release see the Status section.

The Adun molecular simulation application has been designed
from the ground up to cater for a broad range of users and needs, from
computational chemists to experimental biologists. Adun provides
advanced algorithms and protocols for molecular simulation which can be
accessed from an intuitive user interface but also from a more flexible
programmatic level. It is built on the Adun framework which is a
powerful library for creating and manipulating simulations.

However it goes beyond just performing simulations by
incorporating tools for analysis and management of simulation data
aswell as providing mechanisms that allow the easy extension of its
abilities. In many senses Adun is simply a structure that can
incorporate any molecular simulation tools allowing it almost unlimited
potential for growth. Many more features.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later


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