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BaseElements is a tool to assist FileMaker Pro developers, and make development easier. It imports the Database Design Report from FMPA to give you a complete cross-reference of every element in your solution. From fields to script steps, layouts to custom functions. Everything is included, everything is cross-referenced.

It’s a database for your database.

Have you ever wanted to see list of all of the layouts in your entire solution? Want to find all of the scripts that do import script steps and print them out? Want to find every button on a layout that’s calling a particular script, and list all of the layouts? Want to see every tooltip calculation across all your files? Want to know every place a Global Variable is used in your solution?

These are just a few examples of the sorts of things possible in BaseElements. Everything in your entire solution is imported, everything is cross referenced, and it’s all open and accessible for you to search, list, sort, display and relate to every other object. If you have a question about your solution you need answered, BaseElements can answer it.

Know Your Solution.

If you’ve ever taken over someone else’s solution, and not known where to start, or worked on a system that is too big to keep in your head all at once, BaseElements is the answer. It knows everything about your solution without you having to. You can look at a field, and know every place it exists in every file in your solution.

Preempt the bug reports.

BaseElements lists all of the items in your system that have errors or that are unreferenced. So you can know – in advance – when you introduce that next new version, that it isn’t full of bugs, and that it’s not overloaded with wasted space.

Plus with version 1.0.5, there is now the option to find potential issues in your solution. The addition of a "Warnings" tab means you can find Relationships using mismatched field types, ValueLists using un-indexed fields, errors in disabled script steps and more.

The complete cross reference.

If you develop in FileMaker you know how easy it is to rename scripts, fields or layouts. Things just keep on working. But what if you want to change the calculation, or modify the way a value list works? How do you know what that change will affect in other files or in the way other scripts or fields work? BaseElements tells you everything need to know in advance.


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