FileWave 4.0

FileWave Inc.
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FileWave 4.0

FileWave provides automated, enterprise-wide, cross-platform software distribution and management by means of a patented client pull method. Whether you run Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, it enables you to:

  • Distribute ready-to-use applications
  • Run installers locally
  • Create customized install packages
  • Apply patches and updates
  • Modify individual files
  • Roll back application changes

All without having to so much as rise from your desk. When combined with FileWave Inventory, a software inventory management tool with which it integrates perfectly, it gives you comprehensive control of your IT environment.

The FileWave solution employs a scalable client/server setup to ensure that network loading is kept to a minimum. All operations are carried out transparently in the background, resulting in no interruptions to end users and therefore zero production loss, and special protocol structures are used to break down files into small, easily managed chunks.

For optimum flexibility, software deliveries can be scheduled for specific dates and times, e.g., during non-peak network traffic times, and activation can be timed to ensure seamless and simultaneous application upgrades. FileWave’s self-healing nature means client computers are periodically checked to determine if all the distributed files remain intact on them, and if not they are downloaded again.



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