Gene Construction Kit 3.0.4

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Gene Construction Kit

The Gene Construction Kit represents a breakthrough in interface design that allows easy graphic manipulation of DNA sequences and provides sophisticated drawing capabilities. GCK allows customized formatting of any sequence text, feature, annotation, or graphic element. In addition, GCK keeps track of segment history and offers the flexibility of displaying the same segment of DNA in a number of ways to emphasize key features on which the end-user wishes to focus. GCK was named the "Best Plasmid Mapping Software" by the Biotechnology Software and Internet Journal for four straight years.

GCK readily generates high quality black and white or color illustrations for journal submissions, slides, posters, or papers. It is ideal for designing and managing complex cloning projects or assembling DNA sequences for use in sequence analysis programs such as the Gene Inspector.

  • Manipulate actual DNA sequences through a unique and innovative graphical interface
  • Ideal for planning and tracking complex construction projects
  • Identify PCR primers, and add them as features to a construct
  • View construct either as a text sequence or graphically, linear or circular
  • Identify and label introns in a DNA sequence – automatically skip them when translating the protein


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