Live Interior 3D Standard 2.3

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Live Interior 3D Standard

Do you periodically get an itch to change your surroundings? Or does
that faded brown sofa from the seventies just not do it for you
anymore? Maybe you just want to try your hand at the art of home
design. The award-winning Live Interior 3D can save you a heap of time,
money, and sweat by giving you all of the tools necessary for designing
the interior of your home and viewing it in virtual reality before
setting off for your local paint or furniture store.

Live Interior 3D takes you to a world where even the wildest of dream
houses can become yours right on your Macintosh! You can furnish it and
enjoy its beauty in both 2D and 3D. The vast object library and
flexible import options give you access to all of the furniture and
appliances you could ever imagine. Change the fabric, finish, and more
using the material library and editor. And once your dream home is
completed, you can give your best friend a realistic virtual
walkthrough or send him a movie or shot of your favorite rooms.

Live Interior 3D is perfect for:

  • People who are making decisions about the look of their future home.
  • Those who want to get a look at their interior before buying furniture and paints.
  • Professional designers who prepare presentations for clients and advertising.
  • Architects working on a home plan or layout of new building additions.


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