Magic Launch 1.1.1

Michel Fortin
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Magic Launch

Magic Launch is a preference pane that lets you customize the experience of opening files on your Mac. It’s something you do often, so it deserves to be hassle free. Here is what some magic can do for you:

  • Reinstate Creator Codes
    • Magically reenable creator codes, now limited to the file types of your choice.
    • Some applications attach creator codes to files so that when you reopen the files they launch the original application. Apple took that magic away in Snow Leopard. For some files this can be an improvement, but for others opening them can become an exercise in frustration. If that is your case then Magic Launch can relieve you.
  • Write the Rules of Magic
    • Creator codes are nice, but there are plenty of better ways to decide which application should open a file. Go beyond creator codes and craft your own custom rules. The rules you add refine further the choice of the application to launch by inspecting various characteristics of the file to open. Each rule defines the criteria that determines if the file should open in a particular application.

Magic Launch 1.1.1

  • Dragging a file to the file type list will now check for a file-specific association and propose to remove it if there is one.
  • Fixed a bug where rule ordering was not saved correctly.


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