Missing Sync for Sony PSP 1.0.3

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Missing Sync for Sony PSP 1.0.3

The best way to connect your PSP to your Mac. Back up saved games. Transfer music, podcasts and video to your PSP. Download web sites and bookmarks to view. Take your important information with you, like contacts, notes, tasks and calendar. Easily. Automatically. With style.


  • Backup your Saved Games and Memory Sticks: Don’t lose your place in an RPG, a high score in a platformer, or your settings for a shooter. Backup Saved Games to your Mac with The Missing Sync. Plus, backup all the files, downloaded games and other stuff on your Memory Sticks, too. Use The Missing Sync to keep copies of all your game stuff on your Mac – just in case.
  • Transfer videos to your PSP: The Missing Sync encodes movie previews and YouTube videos for optimized viewing on your PSP. It also acts as a video library, keeping track of what’s on your Mac and what’s on your PSP. Track multiple Memory Sticks independently and keep different content on each stick. Always have video queued up and ready to go on your PSP.
  • Take your tunes with you: Sync your iTunes playlists of music from your Mac to your PSP with The Missing Sync.* Its like Media Go for the Mac. With The Missing Sync, your PSP becomes your portable music player. Always have your music with you wherever you go!
  • Sync iPhoto albums: Sync photos from one or more iPhoto albums to your PSP. Forget manually copying them to a Memory Stick. Just plug in the PSP and click the sync button. The Missing Sync will send your photos across automatically, sized to fit the screen of your PSP.
  • Take web pages with you: Sure, the PSP has Wi-Fi. But what about when you’re in a dead zone? No problem! The WebSnacks feature downloads your favorite blogs, MySpace and other web pages right to your PSP. View downloaded web sites offline, no matter where you are. Every time you sync, downloaded web pages are automatically updated. Web without Wi-Fi.
  • Your Mac bookmarks are your PSP bookmarks too: The PSP has an amazing web browser. So, use your Safari bookmarks when you surf the web on your PSP. The Missing Sync copies over Safari bookmarks — easily visit sites you use all the time. Getting to your favorite sites is fast and painless.
  • Keep your contacts and calendar handy: Ever wish you had your Address Book and iCal calendars with you, when all you had handy was your PSP? Now you can. Phone numbers, email addresses and more, right there in your PSP’s Web Browser app. Also copy calendar and tasks to your PSP so you always know what you’re doing and when.
  • Be a note taker: The Missing Sync for Sony PSP includes Mark/Space Notebook, a Mac app you can use to create, edit and manage your notes. The Missing Sync can sync your notes from Mark/Space Notebook to your PSP. So, when you need that random note or specific tidbit of data, your PSP will have it handy.
  • Look good doing it: Selectable themes let you personalize how PSP’s Web Browser displays contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, bookmarks and notes. Choose simple styles or more intricate themes with photo-realistic backgrounds. It’s so cool you’ll want to show your friends.
  • Use your PSP to store files from your Mac: Use your PSP to backup files from your Mac. Sync folders of files you choose from your Mac to your PSP – automatically, every time you connect your PSP to your Mac.


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