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Time Check Pro

Version 1.0.0 of Time Check Pro is compatible with Time Clock Pro projects and logs. (Title had to be changed due to trademarked name issue.) Numerous minor enhancements have also been added.

Time Check Pro was developed to help the User keep track of time spent on a project and remind the User when to take breaks. Multiple projects are handled with ease. Until you register, you can run Time Check Pro in the Demo mode which runs for forty minutes and then shuts down. This time restriction is removed after registration. Time Check Pro is $10 shareware.

When Time Check Pro is launched, you are prompted to enter the name of a project into the "New Project Name" field in the Time Check Pro Window. When you enter the project name and click on the "Add" button, this project is entered automatically in the "Choose Project" drop-down menu. Use the small up/down arrows to set the Minutes Between Breaks (2 – 120 minutes) and the "snooze" time (1 – 30 minutes) if you decide to postpone a break, and then click on the "Use" button. If the clock is running on one project and you select another project, clicking on the "Use" button stops the clock on the first project, enters the stop time in the log for the first project, saves the log for the first project and brings up data for the second project. This allows easy and fast changing between projects. To delete a project and its associated log file, select a project from the drop-down project menu and click on the "Delete Selected Project" button.


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