Time Clock 1.3.1

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Time Clock

Time Clock was developed to help the user keep track of time spent on
a project and remind the user when to take breaks.

When Time Clock is launched, you see the Time Clock window where
the Running Time is displayed and the user can set two time periods: the
time between breaks and the minutes to postpone a break.

You can minimize the Time Clock window or just use the small
triangle to shrink the window and move it somewhere out of the way on
the display. The Time Clock window can be retrieved by selecting "Time
and Settings" on the Time Clock menu or by clicking on the Time Clock
icon on the Dock.

Above you see the Time Clock Window collapsed. Note the red
"Running" which indicates the time clock is running.

A Time Clock menu item is displayed in the Menu Bar.

Clicking on the Time Clock menu reveals the seven menu choices:
"Thank You" to clear the message without stopping the running clock,
"Start Clock" to start the running time, "Stop Clock" to stop the
running time, "Postpone Break" to let you continue to work a bit longer
(like a snooze button), "Time and Settings" to bring up the Time Clock
Window, "Show Log" to show the Time Clock Log with Start Times, Stop
Times and Notes, and "Reset Time" to reset the running time to zero.


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