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Test Run was created by a product manager that understands the
complete software development lifecycle, and who has spent years
working with QA teams to steamline their processes and tools. The
project is used to analyze the output of the scripts and present it to
the user in a summarized form. Test-Run features separation of the
test-running backend and the command line frontend, a "runprove"
utility for running tests from the command line, a plugin-system, and
colors for the summary line.

Feature of Test Run

* Manage Test Cases Easily
Test Run makes it easy to create new tests by eliminating a lot of the
complexity that has slowly been added to so many other tools. Test Run
differentiates itself by keeping its test cases simply structured and
by focusing test engineers on the most important parts of the test
case: the instructions on how properly execute the test.

* Create Test Plans Quickly
When it comes time to build a test plan, Test Run allows you to quickly
create a plan comprising all the test cases with a given keyword or
tag. Just enter in the tags and keywords relevant to your testing goals
and Test Run will generate a test plan composed of the test cases with
the tags you entered.

* Quickly View Passed, Failed and Blocked Test Cases
Once testing begins perhaps one of the most important tasks performed
in monitoring the progress of the testing process is the inspection of
test cases and their status. Blocked and failed test cases may help
identify areas of functionality with high degrees of risk associated
with them, while test cases with other statuses can help you to hone
your process, more evenly distribute the testing load across your team
and help your product converge on a high degree of quality more


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