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Active Sound Editor 2.0

Active Sound Editor is an ActiveX control developed by MultiMedia Soft that makes it easy adding sound editing capabilities to applications written with the most widely-used development environments that accept ActiveX controls such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio.NET.

Active Sound Editor allows accessing and modifying audio data through several advanced features:

  • Load from a file, from a memory buffer or from the system Clipboard the most diffused sound formats like MP3, WAV, AIFF, OGG Vorbis, MP4 (audio frames only), AAC, M4A, AC3, FLAC, WavPack, ALAC, W64, AU, PAF, SVX, NIST, VOC, IRCAM, PVF, CAF, Speex, Musepack, Monkey’s Audio (APE) and CD tracks. The most diffused MOD formats are managed also and, if the Microsoft Windows Media Player components are installed on the target PC, this component can open WMA files and audio frames of ASF and WMV files. If a certain ACM (Audio Compression Manager) codec has been installed inside the target PC, this component can open other compressed formats like ADPCM, GSM 6.10, Speex and so on.
  • Load a sound previously recorded by our Active Sound Recorder ActiveX control.
  • Possibility to load a new sound in "Append mode", "Insert mode", "Mix mode" or "Overwrite mode"
  • Possibility to load a specific range of a sound file
  • A background sound can be applied to the current editing session, also in loop mode
  • Being an ActiveX control, it can be instanced inside HTML code also and used in order to edit sounds from the client browser directly.
  • Deep analysis at different resolutions of the loaded sound’s waveform with rich visualisation capabilities like range selection, zooming and panning
  • Edit loaded sound with cut, insert and mixing capabilities.
  • Insert or remove portions of silence
  • Create and apply equalizer bands
  • Apply volume modifications: flat volume, sliding volume and volume automation with possibility to design the volume curve
  • Apply DirectX Media Object (DMO) effects.
  • Apply custom DSP effects: code of DSP effects can be internal to the container application’s code or inside external DLLs
  • Apply Virtual Studio Technology (VST) effects
  • Change Tempo, Playback rate and Pitch
  • Play the loaded and edited sound or any portion of the same: if you should need more sophisticated playback features, like visual feedbacks during playback, consider using this component in conjunction with our Active DJ Studio ActiveX control.
  • Exporting in WAV, AIFF, AU, W64, PAF, SVX, NIST, VOC, IRCAM, PVF, CAF, FLAC, RAW formats
  • Exporting in MP3 format through the external Lame.exe encoder
  • Exporting in WMA format through the external Windows Media Audio modules
  • Exporting in OGG Vorbis format through the external OggEnc.exe encoder
  • Exporting in AAC and MP4 formats through the external Faac.exe encoder
  • Exporting through installed Windows ACM codecs (Audio Compression Manager)
  • Enumeration of silent portions of sound
  • Filter for hiss noise removal
  • Filter for clicks and pops removal
  • Filter for volume level normalization
  • Through integration with Active DJ Studio, possibility to load the audio track of video clips
  • Support for "Append automation", allowing to append several files in one single shot
  • Support for "Mixing automation", allowing to mix several files or contents of other instances of the control in one single shot


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