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Ramon Sala
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Easy Code GoAsm

Easy Code is one of the first visually based "Interface Development Environments"
made for Go tools, the Jeremy Gordon’s Windows 32/64-bit assembler based kit. Easy Code 1.02 was constructed
entirely in assembly, which gives the IDE a surprising speed and quickness, noticed when designing a new

Easy Code requires Windows 32-bit or better environment to work in, as there is
no 16-bit support. Windows NT40 was the foundation of this IDE and it also operates on any operating system
released afterwards, Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/SEVEN, even though it works fine on
Windows 95/98/ME.

Go tools is available for no cost and it is a requirement for operation with this
version of Easy Code. An ECGo package, containing all necessary files, has been prepared for Easy Code

What's New

fixes the following bugs:

  • No
    bugs detected.

adds the following features:

  • Easy
    Code now works in Unicode mode when running on Windows NT and later
    systems, or in ANSI mode when running on Windows 95/98/ME. Please see
    the 'ANSI / Unicode applications' topic in the Easy Code help file.
  • Includes
    the necessary support for multiple languages (Unicode). Please see the
    'Multilanguage support' and 'Language files (how to make them)' topics
    in the Easy Code help file.
  • Includes
    the necessary files for chinese language, both simplified and
    traditional (by Jason Jiang).
  • Easy
    Code is distributed in a ZIP file. No installation program nor
    Administrator rights are needed.
  • No
    more access to Windows registry. Easy code now saves all configuration
    in an INI file ('EasyCode.ini').
  • A
    new 'Window' menu allows you to easily arrange windows inside the work
  • Includes
    the 'powermgr' new example program, a nice and useful application
    programmed by Wook.


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