FastTrack Scripting Host 5.7

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FastTrack Scripting Host 5.7

FastTrack Scripting Host is a complete replacement for VBScript/WSH, Bat files, PowerShell and all other scripting tools. Once you tried FastTrack, you will never use any of them again. You can create logon scripts, install scripts, backup scripts, administrative tasks and anything else you use scripts for with awesome end-user GUI, easier than you could ever imagine! You don’t need programming skills and you don’t need to deploy anything to the clients.

Your scripts will be very easy to read and will be less than 10% in size of what you already have. If you think this is too good to be true, just download it and try it out yourself! Find out why we already serve more than a million workstations.

You can easily replace your ugly logon bat files and wsh scripts and show the users some awesome graphics instead and you don’t have to deploy anything to the clients! Just put our free 50kb FastTrack Logon in your logon directory and point your users logon script to the exe. FastTrack Logon will automatically distribute the FastTrack engine and all your scrips to all your clients and execute them. It’s that simple! And it works for terminal servers and citrix too.

You can very easily script installations with FastTrack commands and it enables you to query installation status of an application anywhere you want, for instance in the logon script, where you could set per-user settings or manipulate machine settings based on installed applications. While you run the installation in the background, you could put one script line in the top to display a nice splash screen while installing.



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