Hide My Folders ActiveX 3.5.15

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Hide My Folders ActiveX 3.5.15

Hide My Folders ActiveX is a failure safe and dependable activeX control, which is easy to implement in your applications. Even without the profound knowledge of kernel file access, it is possible to hide any file or folder in Windows system. Functionality of Hide My Folders ActiveX reminds a shield: it covers all necessary files and folders with a "cloak", thus making them invisible.

After you have hidden any files or folders, it is impossible to find them, as they become unseen and impossible to search, view and delete. It Ensure the failure free work of your application by hiding its critical files and folders, thus making them inaccessible. Just implement this ActiveX control in the application you are developing, choose any files or folders you want to be hidden and press Enable Hiding button. This will turn on the hiding engine and it will conceal the files and folders from viewing, accessing, searching and deleting completely.

Hide My Folders ActiveX provides the possibility to hide any folder, leaving all of its contents accessible. This is very important when you need your information to be invisible, though accessible, having the opportunity to add, delete and do other work with files, that are located in this particular folder.

Using profound methods of Hide My Folders ActiveX it’s easy to hide any folder together with its contents just by defining full path to it. The specified folder becomes invisible, impossible to view, access, search and delete. Even when trying to access it using command line, you will get a system message saying this folder does not exist. To add some new files to this folder, or edit the existing ones, just unhide it for a short period of time, and then hide it again.


  • Hide files and folders from viewing, accessing, searching and deleting directly from your own application
  • create any number of applications that work with the same ActiveX instance simultaneously and do not interfere with each other
  • Turn on/off hiding engine globally
  • Easy-to-use hiding features management
  • "white applications’ list" grants full access to hidden files and folder for certain applications
  • Specify "wild-card" mask to hide a group of files/folders that match the mask
  • Any number of files, masks and folders can be hidden at the same time
  • No one can access hidden files unless they are unhidden by your application
  • Invisibility of hidden files and folders over the network
  • Highest level of information security for your software
  • Fully compatible with Windows 2000, XP and 2003
  • NTFS, FAT32, FAT file systems are supported
  • All hidden items will stay invisible in Safe Mode too, extending file security
  • User-friendly and simple: flexible set of various methods and properties





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