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MailBee.NET SMTP 5.8

MailBee.NET SMTP is a reliable and robust solution for composing, mail merge, and sending e-mails in .NET applications. This includes sending a web page, sending with or without SMTP relay server, support of backup SMTP and DNS servers for bulletproof e-mail delivery, ESMTP support, sending with a single line of code, re-sending and forwarding e-mails received with other MailBee.NET components, and much more.

MailBee.NET SMTP bundle includes a set of MIME objects such as MailMessage and Attachment which are used for constructing e-mails.

Written in 100% managed code, MailBee.NET SMTP only requires the .NET framework be installed on the computer.

MailBee.NET SMTP can be used in any .NET language including C# and VB.NET. Supported .NET frameworks include .NET 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5 and .NET Compact Framework 2.0.

MailBee.NET SMTP fully supports SMTP, ESMTP, SOCKS4/5/HTTP Proxy, MIME, S/MIME, XML, HTML, and MHTML. No knowledge of these standards is required of developers, however.


  • Can send any MailMessage object as e-mail
  • Can send bulk mail and do mail merge over database
  • Can send to relay SMTP server or perform DNS MX lookup and send without relay server
  • Can send through a proxy server
  • Can sign messages with DomainKeys/DKIM signature
  • Supports backup SMTP/DNS servers and server farms for reliable and faster sending large volumes of e-mails
  • Send messages with a single line of code (QuickSend)
  • Can submit messages to IIS SMTP and MailBee Message Queue
  • Multi-threaded sending (up to 60 threads)
  • Supports secure TLS/SSL connections out-of-box (supports Gmail, etc)
  • PIPELINING for faster send
  • DSN (Delivery Status Notifications)
  • ESMTP authentication (LOGIN, PLAIN, CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5, NTLM, Kerberos)
  • POP-before-SMTP authentication
  • Windows Integrated Authentication (authenticate using the current Windows user credentials)
  • User-defined authentication methods
  • Track accepted and refused recipients
  • Test send without actual sending for email address verification
  • Automatic detection and use of ESMTP extensions (EHLO)
  • Logging send-mail session into a file or memory
  • Send user-defined commands to the server
  • Can be placed on the form or created in the code

Version 5.8.5:

  • Improved network streams support under .NET 2.0 and above (eliminates issues with uploading and downloading very large e-mails)
  • SaveKeyToRegistry tool improvements
  • Miscellaneous documentation improvements


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