SecureBlackbox (.NET) 7.2

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SecureBlackbox (.NET) 7.2

It is time to make your applications up-to-date. Enhance them with outstanding security features. Add digital signing and encryption to data storage and processing functions. Authenticate e-mail, secure information transfer, and provide strong identity management functions for your users. All of these can be done in minutes with SecureBlackbox.


  • Secure standard Internet protocols for data transfer: Add security to standard Internet data transfer protocols like FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, NNTP. With SecureBlackbox you will be able to transfer any data safely over unsecured channel.
  • Secure file transfer and remote command executions: Transfer file safely over secure SFTP channel. Securely execute commands remotely over SSH. SecureBlackbox allows implementation of SFTP and SSH clients as well as servers. SFTP API provides functions to create, read and write files, create, delete and enumerate directories, get and set file attributes and access control attributes. With SSH you compress and tunnel multiple TCP connections over one secured connection.:
  • Encrypt and decrypt files and text using PGP-compatible algorithm: Your data can be sored or transferred in encrypted form. SecureBlackbox supports OpenPGP — one of the most popular encryption and signing standards. You can extend your application with security functions such as signing, encryption, decryption and data verification using OpenPGP keys.
  • Encrypt and sign documents in PDF and XML formats: With SecureBlackbox you can extend your XML processing applications with XML-compliant password-based, certificate-based and OpenPGP-based encryption, signing and timestamping. Perform processing of your XML documents according to XMLEnc, XMLDSig and XAdES specifications. Add password-based and certificate-based encryption, certificate-based signing, timestamping and compression to your PDF documents.
  • Create and parse MIME-compliant mail with security extensions: Secure your e-mail messages and attachments. SecureBlackbox makes possible implementation of full MIME and S/MIME functionalities. Extend e-mail functionality by sending any types of attachments, including multimedia without breaking existing implementations.
  • Support Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), manage X.509 certificates and storages: SecureBlackbox lets you add PKI functionality to your application. This includes certificate management, signing, encryption, timestamping, signing of executables. You can also build server-side functions for timestamping and online certificate status validation into your applications. SecureBlackbox allows you to use the latest encryption algorithms such as Elliptic Curve Cryptography – a functionality unavailable in other encryption packages.


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