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Ssetup is a general purpose installation /uninstall utility. User friendly features:

  • Single mouse click installation
  • Before installation user can see all the relevant information about the product (purpose, target directory, size on disk, version, etc.)
  • Before installation user can read release notes and connect to product Internet site

When started, Ssetup will check available space on the chosen drive, create target directories and copy files to them and the Windows directory, create a Program group and start the target application. Uninstall removes all installed files.


Features of Ssetup

* Creates single file distribution (EXE or ZIP)
* "One button click" automatic Setup generator
* Easy and quick configuration / customization for your project
* Small Setup.exe file size (50kB for Win3.1x / 160kB for Win95/ Win XP an Win7)
* Useful for creating CD-ROM, Internet archive or diskette installations
* Program may be used to install DOS, Win3,1x, Win95/98 or Win XP/ Win2000 applications
* 16 bit (Win3.1x) version works also under Win95, Win98 and Win NT
* Setup, Uninstall and Setup Design are all contained in a single file
* Setup program is secure in protecting your design: install information is scrambled and unreadable.
* Create multiple target sub directories and copy files in them
* Can split to multiple source media
* Uncompress files compressed with Microsoft compress
* 32 bit version version may put main application icon on Windows desktop
* Insert your own picture logo, choose form color
* Add your (c) copyright information and logo in the Setup window (for registered users)
* Freeware version is not crippled or limited in any way
* Uninstall through Windows Settings/Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs
* Support for upgrading new version of an application to the same directory


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