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TestOptimal 3.0.8

TestOptimal is a unique test automation tool based on Model-Based Testing (MBT). It is an automation tool with full debugging capability to help you achieve better testing coverage.

Unlike traditional automation tools, you start by creating a baviour model (state diagram) from the requirements and specifications for the application under test(AUT). Future changes are handled by making adjustments to the model. Developing test automation for existing web application can be done in a matter of minutes.

Debugging is made easy with its animated model and sequence graphs which are highlighted as the model is being debugged. The ability to execute dynamic commands allows you to interogate the state of AUT during debugging.

Data-Driven Testing (DDT) can be performed without scripting. In fact DDT is a component of the model. The built-in Pairwise and N-wise test optimization helps you create minimum data sets to achieve the desired testing coverage.

Once the model and automation script are completed, they are used for functional testing, cross browser testing and even performance and load testing. For example, with just a few key clicks and with no model/script changes you can expose your application to a realistic production load of users simultanenously running legal test cases randomly generated from the model.

TestOptimal can be integrated with your existing testing frameworks and automation tools, allowing you to leverage existing testing assets and resources. For example, you can build the model in TestOptimal to remotely execute VBScript on QTP or output the generated test sequence in any language syntax like TTCN and Python for offline testing.

With its web-client/server architecture, you can develop model, write script, execute models and monitor model executions anywhere with a browser or even iPhone / BlackBerry.



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