USB Monitoring Control

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USB Monitoring Control

The USB Monitoring Control (USBMC) component library provides the monitoring functionality for your software application.

The component library lets you enumerate all installed usb devices and attach a monitor object to receive transferred data and control packets. The Monitor object can be attached to and detached from the device at any time, no matter if the device is being currently used or not.

New filter driver internal architecture allows you to process data coming from high speed USB devices without introducing any delays. Detailed component library documentation with working code samples is included in USB Monitoring Control product package.

Supporting a wide variety of programming languages (C++, Delphi, C#, VB.NET ) and platforms (Windows 2000 – Windows 7), the USBMC component library makes it easy to start implementing USB monitoring functionality in your software project.

USB Monitoring Control can be successfully used for:

capturing and processing of data transfers between USB device and Windows application
development of custom USB software apptications
development of USB peripheral devices
debugging any USB software and hardware devices
researching the functionality of any third-party software and hardware
implementing, debugging and testing USB protocols
analyzing and reverse-engineering custom protocols
recording and replaying log files while debugging the implemented protocol
spying and logging USB communications data


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