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LiveProject Premium Viewer

With LiveProject, you get features that no one else offers. Export selected tasks
to PowerPoint or Excel. See colorful graphs and charts in our Project Dashboard, or
compare several projects in the Portfolio Dashboard. Encrypt project files so only people with the right password
can open them, and only see the columns you select. We are continuoulsy adding new
features to our Premium Viewer, and you will automatically get upgraded when they
are available.

LiveProject Premium Viewer is a solution for your projects, a way to bring them
alive, and to view them easily and quickly.


  • A stand-alone viewer for Microsoft Project ® plans (aka. MPP Viewer).
  • Support for Microsoft Project 98, 2000, 2003 and 2007 project files (.mpp files).
  • Project DashBoard – View graphs of project information.
  • Drill-down DashBoard support – quickly find the data that matters.
  • Project Portfolio Dashboards – compare projects side-by-side.
  • Microsoft Project ® not needed to view projects.
  • Task views are color-coded to indicate task status at-a-glance.
  • Gantt chart includes zoom, timescale and layout options.
  • Calendar view includes bar styles, text styles, zoom and more.
  • Customize colors based on task information.
  • LiveProject shows critical path and deadlines in Gantt charts.
  • Almost all MS Project columns are supported, including custom fields.
  • Tab-based User Interface allows you to open multiple project files simultaneously.
  • Open project file views are restored at next session.
  • Changes to project files are automatically detected, and your views are updated
  • Custom alarms (Build your own alarms).
  • Multi-select tasks and generate e-mails with task information using templates.
  • Resource information table.
  • Printing of tables and Gantt charts.
  • Configurable columns per view.
  • Quick-select visible columns for specific data analysis.
  • Advanced filtering including regular expressions and parent/child/siblings.
  • View Bugzilla databases "live."
  • Customize Bugzilla filters to show the bugs you need.
  • Quick-switch between filters for your bugzilla views.
  • Launch Bugzilla attachments directly from mpp viewer.
  • Encrypt .mpp project files with administrator and viewer passwords, and distribute
    them safely to your team.
  • Auto-filter on columns to quickly find the information you need (Similar functionality
    as in Excel).
  • Save and open project plans in MPX format.
  • Includes Premium Support from KaDonk.
  • Includes support for future upgrades.
  • For commercial use.


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