Focus MP3 Recorder Splitter 3.4

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Focus MP3 Recorder Splitter 3.4

Focus MP3 Recorder Splitter has been improved to be an ideal sound recorder. Besides enjoying its excellent features in recording, the users can complete format converting, audio splitting and merging with great convenience. The hotkey and schedule settings make it possible to handle auto start/stop of recording. With the hotkeys, users can even record during playing games, watching online video or enjoying music. The schedules can be set as many as you like. With the burner, you can burn your own audio CD that can be playback on PC&Home CD player. Also support MP3 CD and WMA CD. New Version added Audio CD Burner, burn audio CD and MP3/WMA CD.


  • A perfect all-in-one recorder: The program contains a high quality recorder, a player, a converter, a splitter, a joiner, a burner and a editor. All that you want to do on audio files can be completed within this perfect combination.
  • Powerful recorder: With unique program design, the recorder produces high quality recording from micro phone, CD, video and any audio you can hear from your computer. Some features such as R.Noise helps you to improve recording quality.
  • Hotkeys: The hotkeys make it convenient to start or stop recording at any time. And the hotkeys are compatible with other hotkey settings in your computer.
  • Schedules: The schedules will control recording according to the time being set. You can add, edit or delete your schedules, save them to hard disk for future use or load them whenever you need. With the schedules, you will be able to record even if you are not around. What you need to do is to turn on the computer, make sure you are connected to the internet, open the Focus MP3 Recorder Pro and set/load your schedules.
  • The all-purpose converter: The converter helps to convert audio files among the four supported formats.
  • You can convert: MP3 -> WMA/WAV/OGG; WMA -> MP3/WMA/OGG; WAV -> MP3/WMA/OGG; OGG -> MP3/WMA/WAV.
  • Full-featured splitter: It’s easy to split a sound file into several segments and make them into different files. The splitter can meet your need of previewing, fast locating, trimming and splitting. With the splitter, you can edit audio files freely.
  • Convenient joiner: The joiner helps to merge different audio segments into one file. With the joiner, you can edit audio files freely.
  • Direct-to-disk long time recording: Direct to disk recording can go on for as long as you need, Provided you’ve got enough disk space.
  • Backup audio files with the burner: Audio files can be burnt into CDs (audio CD, MP3 CD or WMA CD) for backup, if you obtain related burning device.
  • Audio file editor: The editor helps you to improve your audio files. Trimming the start or end of a track, adding in a track, fading in or out and filtering the audio can be easily completed in the editor.



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