liteCam 2.99a

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liteCam 2.99a

The easiest way to record ANY streaming/non-streaming videos.

liteCam is an application you can use to record any type of movie played on your computer. You may watch many videos through various media players you have on your computer or through your web browser every day. These can be streaming, Flash, AVI/MPG movies, online lectures which you are not able to replay, videos of your pets, or funny videos you may find on the web. liteCam allows you to record these movies so that you can watch them at a later time.

There are millions of movies, VOD’s (Video on Demand), and other streaming formats of movies which are created every month. You have probably had the experience of seeing a movie you wanted to watch over again which you discovered was no longer available to watch. liteCam gives you the ability to “recycle” these movies. Record it and keep it for yourself.

Students can record their online lectures to watch as many times as they need. Users can also record internet news and video conferences to make their own Video on Demand scrapbook of reference. innoheim is offering an affordable price for liteCam so that more people can benefit from using this product. Anyone can download liteCam from the innoheim home page to evaluate for 30 days, free of charge.

What you can record with liteCam:

  • Streaming ANY videos from sites like YouTube or Music Videos
  • Web cams and Chat Conversations. Online/offline lecture. Web conference
  • Flash and Quicktime Videos or any streaming or non-streaming video formats playing on any media players like Windows Media Player, anything on your computer screen

liteCam Quick Features:

  • Audio Wizard – Automatically detects your sound card for best recording. liteCam quick tutorial for audio and video settings.
  • Recording Quality – You have the mirror image of the original movies
  • Timer Recording just like VCR!
  • Various Recording modes: Custom Size, Window Frame, Full Screen
  • Optimized for video recording


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