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liteRecorder 1.95

Record audio from any videos playing on your computer. You can switch between audio devices with single click to record you own voice or an external device connected to you computer. Copy what you recorded and copy them to your MP3 player .

liteRecorder has built-in Audio Setting Wizard which automatically detects your sound card for best recording for computer sound recording. You don’t need to configure audio devices for Microphone recording and external audio device recording. liteRecorder enables you to select the best devices with single click! You don’t need to open control panel to configure audio settings for all different devices anymore.

Record Streaming Audio While You Sleep: You can record a streaming lecture or Internet radio station while you’re sleeping and then transfer the recorded audio file to your iPod or any of your MP3 players and listen to it during your daily commute. liteRecorder also has Timer Recording so there’s no need to stay up late to record anything, just set it and let it do the rest.

Listen to What You’ve Composed: Got a beat in your head you don’t want to forget? You can connect virtually any audio device to your computer and start recording. Whatever you connect to your computer-whether it’s a guitar or a keyboard- liteRecorder’s Custom Settings will have you recording within seconds. You can share it with your friends.

Think You’ve Got What It Takes to Be The Next American Idol? liteRecorder allows you to record your voice through a microphone and transfer the file to your iPod or your favorite MP3 players so you can listen to yourself all day long.


  • Audio Setup Wizard – liteRecorder has a built-in Audio Setting Wizard which automatically detects the sound card on your computer which is best for recording sound. You won’t need to configure audio devices for Microphone recording or external audio device recording.
  • 4 Different File Formats – You can save a recording as any 4 different file types including WMA, OGG, WAV and MP3. These formats are 100% compatible with any digital music device like iPod.
  • Record While you sleep – With liteRecorder’s Timer Recording feature, you don’t have to wait until the recording is done. You can set a timer and liteRecorder records, stops and even turns your computer off if you want it to!.
  • 3 Different Recording Modes – Computer Sound, Microphone and Custom (External Device). With literally just one click, you can change the recording mode.
  • Windows Vista and 7 support – Unlike any other Streaming Audio Recorders, liteRecorder is 100% compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista and 7.
  • Affordable Pricing – Just $14.00 will buy you all these incredible features. If you would like to join us to help fight the deterioration of our environment, you can purchase liteRecorder Green for $15, just one extra dollar can go a long way. For every dollar donated we will match it and donate a dollar as well. If you would like to read update, please visit our Forum.


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