SkillCapture 2.0

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Windows Vista Windows Xp

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SkillCapture 2.0

Video is a perfect tool to enhance skill learning, optimization and adjusting in sports. Like improving golf sving, tumbling in gymnastics, organization of players in handball and much more.

But video is often time consuming and the goal is to minimize the time used on technology to focus on teaching and coaching the athlete.

The ideal solution is to have a full automated system which does video capture, display, compression and upload. SkillCapture is capable of doing it all and is freeware.

SkillCapture is designed to capture video clips which can be directly associated with the athlete.

Video capture can be started by:

  • Motion detection
  • SkillChip registration
  • SkillChip registration and Motion detection.
  • Pressing keyboard shortcut
  • Using wireless presenter

SkillCapture will automatically compress the video to improve storage and improve faster upload to external servers.

After compression of the video its possible (both automated or manual) move the video to an external location. An external location can either be local web server, Windows file server, ftp server or even YouTube.

By using upload its possible to share the videos with your athlets and also do further analysis to improve next training session. Coaches with athletes in different places (like national coaches) can also keep track of the athletes progress from the distance.



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